We have implemented an assessment system which has been evolving over the last two years to make sure that pupils are taking responsibility for their own learning and to ensure that they are driven and motivated to achieve their true academic potential. It also designed to make it clear to both parents and children what their next steps in learning are to ensure that school and teachers work closely together to support children in their academic journey throughout our school.


Maths, Reading and GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling)

The children are assessed termly during an assessment week (in Y6 this is half termly) to establish a snapshot of what they have retained and mastered from the term. From this teachers carefully target set which gaps need to be plugged as either a whole class, small group or individual. This system will enable the school to track more rigorously children who are achieving their targets and intervene where necessary if children are falling behind and get them back on track as soon as possible. Teacher assessments are made in all of the above to ensure that both the test data and the child's day to day learning are taken into consideration.



Children complete an independent piece of writing after each unit of work. The teacher will then assess the writing against the year group objectives to arrive at a summative judgement. Targets again will be set and sent home every new term so that parents can see the areas their child needs to develop over the term.