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Anston Park Junior School

Information for Parents/Carers


We understand that readers develop in different ways. Some children will need additional support to enable them to become confident and fluent readers. Where children may need extra support to decode and access texts, additional phonics interventions are in place in school.

At Anston Park Junior School, phonics teaching is based on Letters and Sounds Revised from Little Wandle - a phonics scheme that has been trialled and tested and validated by the DfE. This builds upon the phonics teaching in the Infant school.  

You can find resources to use at home by going back to the phonics menu and selecting the phase that your child is currently working on. If you have any questions, please do contact your child's class teacher.

You can also find more information about phonics on the English page of our website. To find that page you can use the menu or click here.



If your child is working on one of the phonics phases, you might hear lots of words and phrases being used to explain their progress and targets. Below is a useful glossary of some of the key words.