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Anston Park Junior School

School Development Priorities

Each year we look to see how we can further improve our school. Covid 19 has posed challenges for all of us. 

Here are the main priorities that we have for school improvement:

Priority 1 To ensure the emotional wellbeing of all children and staff are met in light of the pandemic

  • Ensure a detailed risk assessment is in place 
  • Ensure all staff are addressing personal and social wellbeing 
  • Targeted support planned for individuals
  • Revisit the 6Rs for the first half term

Priority 2 Improve the teaching of reading and spelling across school including the teaching of phonics

  • Implement the new phonics scheme (Little Wandle).
  • Ensure pupils joining the school with gaps in their phonics knowledge are supported effectively so they become fluent readers.
  • Ensure that systems are in place to identify and check on phonics and reading gaps accurately with effective staff training in phonics.  
  • Ensure pupils at the early stages of reading follow the phonics scheme.
  • Ensure that books pupils use to practise reading only contain the sounds they know.
  • Ensure pupils use their phonics knowledge successfully and applying this to their spelling.
  • Ensure pupils read more widely and across the curriculum.

Priority 3 Improve outcomes by continuing to redesign the curriculum

  • Ensure all aspects of the curriculum are well sequenced and make effective use of cross curricular links.
  • Ensure the new PSHE scheme of work is being followed
  • Identify and address weaker aspects of teachers’ subject knowledge. Check that teachers are explaining concepts clearly and are identifying pupils’ misconceptions swiftly in all subjects.
  • Develop a shared understanding of the knowledge and vocabulary which is most crucial for pupils to retain. Revisit these aspects until new knowledge and concepts have been learned.
  • Evaluate how well pupils are learning and remembering, so that teachers can adjust their actions as necessary.

Priority 3  To ensure pupils with SEND are supported effectively

  • Ensure that pupils with SEND are supported effectively.
  • Accurately identified pupils needs and train and equip staff with the expertise necessary to support pupils to achieve their potential.
  • Gather the views SEND pupils to ensure their needs are met.