Park Avenue, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S25 2QZ

01909 550779

Anston Park Junior School

Term dates 2023-2024

Mon 4th September -  Fri 20th October

Mon 30th October - Fri 22nd December

Mon 8th January - Fri 9th February

Mon 19th February - Thurs 28th March  

Mon 15th April - Fri 24th May

Mon 3rd June - Tues 23rd July

Inset Days (5)  

Mon 4th Sept / Mon 30th Oct / Fri 22nd Dec / Thur 2nd May / Mon 3rd June

Y6 SATs Week 13th - 16th May 

Term dates 2024-2025

Mon  2nd  September -  Fri 25th October

Mon 4th November - Fri 20th December

Mon 6th January - Fri 14th February

Mon 24th February - Fri 28th March  

Mon 14th April - Fri 23rd May (Easter 18th & 21st April Bank Holidays)

Mon 2nd June - Wednesday 23rd July

+ 5 INSET days to be set